Avocado Bomb

Avocados/Roasted Corn/ Tomatoes/ Green Onions/ Cilantro/
Arugula/ Marinated Brazos Feta/ Pink Sea Salt/ Lemongrass Vinaigrette

Chicken Fried Pepperoni

Deli Pepperoni/ Port Salut Cheese/ Double Buttermilk-Battered/
“Chuck Norris” Gravy

Mash’d Meatloaf

Fresh Akaushi Meat/ Adobo-Basted Sweet Corn/ Fontina & Cheddar Cheese/ House Ketchup

“PHO”-KIN’ SOUP (Texas Only)

House-made Shrimp Stock w/Fresh Lemongrass/ Ginger/ House-shucked Sweet Corn/ Rice Noodles/ Akaushi Beef/ Gulf Shrimp


Hand-floured Fried Chicken / Fuji Apples / Bacon / Honey Walnuts / Grilled Corn / Bleu Crumbles / Chopped Romaine / Scratch Bleu Cheese Dressing

Motor City Pizza

Fresh Dough made in-house using Multi-stage, 48-hour Fermentation Process, with Central Milling Organic Artisan Flour/ Wisconsin Brick Cheese/ DiNapoli Tomatoes/ Farmland Pepperoni

Ri style dogs

Steamed Bun/ All-beef “Weiners”/ Meat Sauce/ Chopped Onions/ Celery Salt/ Yellow Mustard

French Toast

Caramel Moonshine- Battered Bread/ Griddle Seared & Topped with Cream Cheese Butter/ Sliced Strawberries/ Grade A Maple Syrup


Flavors: Moonshine BBQ/ Sriracha Garlic Butter/ Hot/ Wicked Hot/ Served with Scratch Ranch


Cannellini Beans/ Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds/ Garlic Oil/ Lemon/ Marinated Brazos Feta/ Scratch Made Bread

Crushed Devil

Farm-fresh Eggs Crushed w/ Creamy Italian / Yellow Onions / Cucumber Tomato Salad / Cilantro / Pink Lemon Salt / Pickled Peppers / Atop Our Scratch-made Grilled Bread

Sloppy Joe Dip

Ground TX Kobe Beef / Moonshine BBQ Sauce / Parmesan Cheese / Tortilla Chips / Side Seasoned Sour Cream